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Pillager School using ENVoY

ENVoY at Pillager Elementary
Posted on 12/18/2015

Pillager Elementary School continues to have ENVoY Certified Staff

and will be an ENVoY Demonstration Site this year. Guests from other school will visit Pillager School to watch the skills of ENVoY being demonstrated.

Check out this link to a great story on page 26 from NJPA about ENVoY


What is ENVoY?
ENVoY stands for Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks. It is a systematic approach of using non-verbal skills to manage students with influence rather than power. Educator and founder of ENVoY, Michael Grinder, observed over 6,000 classrooms and recognized seven patterns of non-verbal skills teachers who had excellent classroom management used. He noted when these seven skills, which he named the 7 GEMS of ENVoY, were used, students responded immediately and positively to the teacher’s non-verbal requests.

Teachers who systematically utilize the full range of non-verbal management skills

are able to reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving their relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds. 
In other words:


ENVoY practices using words for teaching and relationship building while using non-verbal skills for classroom management.