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Strategic Framework

strategyDistrict Strategic Plan Update

As many of you know, we started a process a few months back developing and updating our district strategic plan.  The process started by seeking input from community members, current staff and administration, and the school board to find out what everyone liked about our district and what were some of the things that they wanted to see improved.  Big River Consulting group led us in three separate evenings of meetings that helped the district develop and refine our vision and mission statement along with developing our top priorities and goals for the future of Pillager Public Schools. Here are the results:

Strategic Plan for Continuous School Improvement 

District Vision:
In five years, we will have developed, delivered, and be recognized for…
Positive educational experiences for all students

  • Positive educational experiences for all students
  • High academic achievement
  • Staff Development opportunities (PLC’s)
  • College & career opportunities
  • Fine Arts opportunities & building

District Mission:  We will deliver our Vision by using beliefs, ideas, and actions to create an environment that provides top quality educational opportunities for all learners through staff development and community involvement.

District Priorities:  

1) Staff development
2) Increased student achievement
3) Retain & attract quality staff
4) Improved Extra-curriculars, Fine Arts, and Community Education
5) Study and develop a plan for facility expansion
6) Small town feel and class sizes
7) Effective use of Technology

 Progress Monitoring:   Progress in meeting the priorities set forth will be monitored and adjusted, as necessary, by the District Leadership Team three times throughout the school year.  Formally, progress monitoring will occur in November, February, and May; however, informal monitoring will be ongoing.

Full Strategic Framework Brochure