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District / School Leadership changes

Leadership Restructure
Posted on 12/04/2018
Pillager Public Schools announces administration restructure plan for fall of 2018
Superintendent Michael Malmberg announced the plan for the administration restructure for this coming school year for Pillager Public Schools.  

New Director of Teaching and Curriculum
The District has hired Dave Olson as the new Director of Teaching and Curriculum.  Mr. Olson will help serve the district in various leadership capacities and will handle the work in teacher instruction and coaching, curriculum guidance and purchasing, standards based reporting and grading, along with staff development training and opportunities.  Mr. Olson has served in various roles in his extensive career in education in Milaca, Minnetonka, Montgomery and most recently with Intermediate District 288. He has been an Elementary Teacher, Elementary Principal, Reading Specialist, Staff Development and Adult Education Coordinator, as well as a Teaching and Learning Coordinator. "Mr. Olson will bring a wide variety of experiences to our District and we are excited to build our own capacity within our District."

Middle School Principal and Administration Changes
The school board recently approved a 5 year leave of the current M.S. Principal, Scott Doss.  "My goal with the restructure plan was to increase the number of staff to improve the overall District student achievement as well as to help with the current initiatives and procedures that we are moving towards and yet at the same time help ease the current workload of our present staff, while at the same time keeping within the current budget framework that we have.   The M.S. Principal position will be handled by Mr. Jason Savage, as he will now serve the district as the Principal for grades 5- 12.  Jason will do a great job serving as a leader for both the Middle and High School.  He puts students first and he is a great communicator and will serve our entire district well in that combined role."
Along with the principal role, the district has announced the hiring of two Dean of Students positions.  Erin Anderson and Wade Mortenson will assume those duties beginning in August.  

Erin Anderson will be housed in High school office and will handle the following:
* H.S. Discipline
* H.S. Attendance
* Lunch and General Supervision
* Gifted and Talented Coordinator
* Serve as H.S. Data Team Member
* Staff Evaluations
* PLC Guidance

 Wade Mortenson will be housed in M.S. Office and will handle the following:
* MS Discipline
* MS Attendance
* Lunch and General Supervision
* Activities Director Grades 7-12
* PLC Guidance