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Karelis Named Teacher of the Year

Karelis Named Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Mr. Zach Karelis who was named the Pillager School 2018-19 Teacher of the Year. (Pictured here with Mrs. Kim Lund who presented the award as the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year.)

Zachary Paul Karelis graduated from Worthington High School then pursued the electrician trade in Willmar, Minnesota. He graduated from the Ridgewater College in Willmar with a diploma from the electrician program. As a student, Zach learned that he enjoyed teaching his peers how to complete the math needed to become a licensed electrician.

After working as an apprentice electrician for a year and a half, Zach decided that he had an interest in teaching. He was accepted into the teaching education college in Minnesota State University Moorhead. While going to college Zach worked retail and married his wife, Nicole. After graduation and becoming a licensed math teacher, Zach pursued the job opportunity in Pillager. September 20th, the first month of the first year teaching, Nicole and Zach proudly introduced Greta Rose 
Karelis into the world. Two years later Walter John Karelis was born.

This is now Zach's fifth year teaching in Pillager. Zach teaches basic concepts of mathematics in 6th grade, pre-algebra to 7th, trades mathematics and statistics in 11th and 12th grade. Students can learn anything from the basic concepts of mathematics, understanding standard deviation in statistics, and use of ohms law in a series, parallel, or combination circuit. While teaching the broad range of subjects, Zach continues to try and prepare students for what they may see the next school year and what they may see in life outside of school. He lives for a laugh and can be found trying to make people smile throughout the day in and out of class.

Along with teaching Zach is the head data coach for the district, announces home football games, and is involved with the district leadership team. Anything thing he does is driven toward the future of his Pillager students future success. He wants you all to remember, "It's always a great day to be a Husky!"