Pre-Registration Video for Upcoming 9th Graders 2016-2017
Students entering 9th grade in the 2016-2017 school year need to watch a brief pre-registration video regarding the new pre-registration forms that have been given during advisor periods. Students are able to choose 4 elective credits vs 2 elective credits.  The following courses are year-long courses and are worth 2 credits each:

Spanish I (2 credits)
Senior Band (2 credits)
Senior Choir (2 credits)

For example:  A student can choose both Band and Choir for a total of 4 elective credits for the year.  Or, a student can choose Band and Spanish for a total of 4 credits.  If students choose not to take a year-long course they can choose 4 elective courses each worth 1 credit.  Please see the brief orientation video on the link provided below.

9th Grade Pre-Registration Link: