Senior News
Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

This is going to be a great year for all of you.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with each of you as you continue planning for your future ahead!  Please make sure that you check this page frequently.  I will post any senior news that is of importance to you!  If you are a PSEO or online student, this page will be especially helpful for any upcoming senior events.  Good luck this year!

Mrs. Turner 

Senior Meeting, Tuesday, December 13:
If you missed this mornings meetings stop by Mr. Bentson's room to pick up your box of chocolates and receive your briefing on the Do's and Don'ts.  Remember to have your dues paid by December 21 or you will not be allowed to go on the Senior Class Trip.  A $150 non-refundable deposit will be due by January 15th to secure your spot as well.  See Mr. Bentson if you still have questions.

A list of the number of hours you worked and how much you made bagging groceries is outside Mr. Bentson's room.  Remember your dues are to be paid prior to Christmas break to be eligible for the class trip.  We will then compute how much money each of you have in your "account" towards the class trip.  Each student will have to have a minimum of $150.00 in your account by January 15th.  This is a down payment on the class trip to reserve your spot.  Final cost of the trip will be published in early February, so we will know where, when and how we are going.  Please see Emily P. to pay your dues!

Mr. Bentson

Senior Class Meeting, Tuesday, December 13th @ 8:00AM
Your meeting to sell chocolate bars has been moved to Tuesday in Mr. Bentson's room.  If you can't make it then, please come and see Mr. Bentson during lunch today.

Senior Class Meeting, November 17
Attendance:  Mr. Bentson, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Johnson
Attendance Students:  Emma Litke, Lacie Hines, Tricia Engholm, Damian Fink, Jacob Murray, Skylor Hensch, Emily Peters, Ben Schrupp, Lewton Schrupp, Nathan Richards, Kristina Burnham, Alex Hardy

Students currently signed up for the Senior Class Trip:  (In bold have paid dues and are currently eligible):  Emma Litke, Vanessa Peterson, Skylor Hensch, Brian Coon, Ezra Hagg, Jules Loidolt, Jacob Schaeffel, Thomas Hayes, Nate Richards, Trystan Usherwood, Chase Muller, Brian Twiss, Kristina Burnham

Others who are currently signed up, but not eligible (Dues have to be paid by December 21):  David B., Tricia E., Jacob M., Damian F., Greg G., Betsy B., Emily P.,
Lacie H., Sam O., Lewton S., Katie F., Austin B., Alexis C., Kelsey H., Colten D., Gabby M., Ben S., Ridge H., Brandy B., Miranda P., Jorday F., Haley R., Alex H., Sarah S., Jacelyn B., Ryan F., Angelica J.

Items discussed:
1.  Location of Senior Class Trip:  Narrowed down to Chicago (Emily P.), Minneapolis (Mr. Bentson), and Duluth (Lacie H.)
2.  Time:  Weekend of March 31-April 2
3.  Grocery Bagging:  Currently have 2 hours left open, need parents to supervise! Wednesday, November 23 Baxter Cub Foods, 9:00-1:00pm (need 2), 3:00-5:00pm (need 1), and 6:00pm-11:00pm (need 1)-Please see Mr. Bentson
4.  Candy Bars:  Waiting on approval by School Board-Mr. Smith
5.  Other fund raisers-Pura Vida bracelets?  Pizza Ranch?

Senior Class Meeting
Senior meeting on Thursday, November 17 before school in Mr. Bentson's room

Senior Class Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 28

Senior Class Trip:  March-April (4 days)

Options:  Chicago, St. Paul, St. Louis, Wisconsin Dells, Winnipeg

Fundraising:  Grocery Bagging, Camp Confidence, Bake Sale, Wreath Sale (Gabby)
Carmel Corn/Cookie Dough, Pizza Sales (Emily), Pizza Ranch (Tricia)

Senior Trip Committee:
Tricia E.
Jake M.
Emily P.
Betsy B.
Lexi C.
Greg G.
Lewton S.
Sam O.
Lacie H.
Gabby M.
Vanessa P.
Jordan F.

Funfest:  Haunted House (at fairgrounds.  Need to contact the fairboard) and Booth

Funfest Committee:
Jordan F.
Ben S.
Lewton S.
Haley R.
Emily P.
Tricia E.
Emma L.

Seniors in Attendance:  Ridge H., Damian F., Jake M., Tricia E., Emma L., Ben S., Lewton S., Jordan F., Lacie H., Vanessa P., Gabby M., Greg G., Emily P., Andy P., Kristina B., Yuria, Trystan U., Skylor H., Lexi C., Betsy B., Sam O.

College Seminar 2016
Mid MN Federal Credit Union is hosting a college seminar on Tuesday, Sept. 13 from 5:30 to 6:30PM at the Holiday Inn Express.  This seminar is NOT just for seniors. Learn about the college application process, financial aid, and scholarship information.  Pizza will be provided. Students must call MMFCU at 218-829-0371 to register.

Updated Senior Pictures Informtion 09/13/2016
The senior group photo will be taken on Friday morning at Craguns.  Seniors must check in to first hour and then meet in the commons.  

​Senior Pictures
Senior pictures are due October 14 (this includes senior portrait for yearbook, baby picture, and any pictures they would like to use for the senior slideshow); senior group photo will be taken on Friday, September 16.  Students are to meet in the school commons at 9:00am to catch the bus. For more information please see Ms. Hutchison.