Senior News
Seniors 2017-2018

Welcome to your senior year!  I will be using this site to communicate with parents and students about important senior news, deadlines, and events.  Be sure to explore my webpage for inmportant dates, scholarships, financial aid information, and other important resources.  If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment please don't hesitate to do so.  

College Application Timeline 2017-2018

*Narrow your list of colleges
*Meet with Mrs. Turner about your college choices and, if you haven't done so, download college applications and financial aid forms.  Plan to visit as many of these colleges as possible.
*Create a master calendar that includes:
College application due dates
Financial Aid Application forms and deadlines
Scholarship forms and deadlines
*Take the ACT or SAT if you haven't done so already
*Be sure to have your ACT scores sent to the college you are applying to
*Ask a counselor or teacher for a recommendation (the sooner the better).  This can be used for multiple scholarship applications along with admission applications
*Write first drafts of essays for college admission/scholarships.  Ask teachers to proof read.
*Complete at least one college application by Thanksgiving
*Fill out the transcript request form and make sure to turn it in to Mrs. Turner 

*Keep photocopies of your finished applications and essays
*If the college you are applying to requires a mid-year report make sure you send them another transcript
*Keep your grades up

*Keep active in school activities (sports, clubs, music)
*Don't let the senior slide get to you.  Make sure you keep up your grades.  Colleges will request final transcripts.  You don't want to be denied admission at the very end.
*Visit your final college one more time 
*Review your financial aid package
*Send your housing deposit to the college of your choice and finish any necessary paperwork (letter of acceptance) and financial aid
*Make sure your final transcript gets sent to the college you will be attending after graduation